Managing construction projects is no easy task. A successful project requires detailed planning, good communication and operating procedures. Besides this handling the logistics of a project requires all the skills of a freight forwarding company and a customs/excise law consultancy.

We are best suited to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements. PSB Logistics’ freight forwarding and customs brokerage divisions effectively supplement PSB (PD)’s planning and project management skills.

Heavy lift and oversize transportation

Movement of odd dimensional cargo is a challenging aspect of project logistics. Be it by air, sea or land. With extensive past experience of handling such cargo by all modes of transport PSB’s capabilities are well-matched to handle any type of cargo. Break bulk licence.

Site delivery

PSB can provide all kinds of vehicles for road transportation and site deliveries. This includes various types of trailers, trucks and other vehicles. PSB also provides unloading and loading equipment at port’s and site’s to ensure smooth deliveries.

Site services

Through our sister concern, shotam consultants, PSB is able to provide various project support services at the site.

We are open to working out your project’s specific needs and fulfilling them. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Industries served

  • Industries
  • aluminium and steel plants and smelters
  • Breweries / distilleries / drinks factories
  • Cement / lime / gypsum / ceramics / brick factories
  • Chipboard factories / sawmills / furniture factories
  • Drilling / research facilities for the oil and gas industries
  • Food plants
  • Hospitals / healthcare facilities / hotels
  • Mining facilities
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Petrochemical / chemical / asphalt plants
  • Pulp and paper mills / factories for packaging materials
  • Cold-storage plants
  • Telecommunications plants
  • Textiles and fibre factories
  • Power plants


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