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............................................. ................ ... ..... ... .... ......... .. .. .. ...... ..... ..... ....... .. .Shotam offers a matrix of services,
including Engineering Services, Manpower Provisioning, Business Planning, Logistic Management, Strategic Outsourcing, Resource Management etc. With six offices spread across India, Shotam's strength lies in it's ability to attract skilled professionals with a commitment to build a team of world class engineers and supervisors experienced in all areas of power & IT industries.

Shotam Power Systems & Services is a division of Shotam Consultants Pvt. Ltd. We are a projects support services company and provide total solutions for the power industry's evolving needs. We sub-contract technical manpower (Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians), provide onshore / offshore engineering support services; provide logistic support by way of conducting route surveys, establishment of logistic control centers at ports/project sites, carrying out customs clearance and inland transportation of ODC/heavy load project cargo; provide material support services by supplying equipment and consumables for power projects.

The Shotam portfolio also includes sales representation for overseas principals for the sale of Cement Heat Recovery Plants, Captive Power Plants, Co-Generation Turbine Generator Power System, and other Power Project related equipment; Vendor sourcing; executing sub contracts in the power sector for Design, Construction, O & M, Repair and Refurbishing.

Power Plant problems, its complexities and technicalities are all a maze, which need reliable, cost effective and timely solutions. All these are provided by SHOTAM POWER SYSTEMS AND SERVICES.

As a result of its investment in a global recruiting network and its state of the art database, Shotam can provide human resource solutions for I.T and Power Industries anywhere in the world, catering to individual requirements and schedules.

Shotam works with an objective of building a long term partnership with every client. Shotam in effect becomes an extension of its clients management team and helps the client to reduce labour, equipment and facilities costs, augment the productivity of its internal resources, handle assignments outside its internal capabilities, improve budgetary control, scheduling and productivity, shorten project cycle time, solve its manpower, equipment and logistic problems. Shotam has an experience of over a decade in project support services and has rendered services to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Company, Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsui & Co. Wartsila NSD, Pirelli Cavi SA, Cegelec Alstom, IVO Finland, Furukawa Japan and a host of other multinational companies. Shotam is committed to servicing the engineering, man power and equipment needs of the IT & Power Industries. Shotam provides a service that is not merely creative and reliable, but cost-effective as well.

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