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One of the oldest elements of business operation is Logistics. No commercial activity is possible without logistical support. Despite its fundamental, historical foundation, logistics is undergoing   dramatic changes. Many observers feel that logistical management is experiencing a renaissance. Information technology is at the core of this change and is the enabler of the integrated logistics concept. The availability of timely, accurate, inexpensive information is opening the door for unprecedented quality and productivity improvements in the logistics process

Logistics Information Center has been developed to meet the needs of those interested in finding solutions to logistics problems. As a logistics service provider PSB endeavours to educate its clients on all matters of logistics with special emphasis on cost reduction advice in the long and complicated logistics chain. With this aim, we bring to you the necessary information on logistics matters. This information may help you to some extent in streamlining your logistics operation and help in better decision making.

Under the Indian Customs Law the Customs Department allows provisional release of a shipment if the documents submitted are not sufficient for making a final assessment. For provisional assessment the importer may be called upon to furnish a Bond / Undertaking or a Bank Guarantee.  Learn more... about these bonds.

For filing a customs import Bill of Entry or an export Shipping Bill, some declaration forms are required to be signed by the importer/exporter



Are you aware that there are more than 20 stages to be gone through before a shipment gets cleared from Customs.  Learn in details the customs clearance procedure for import shipments and export shipments.

Duty structure is quite complicated under the Indian Customs Tariff Act.  We bring to you a ready reckoner table for gross duty calculation ….. more.......


You are bound to encounter delays, if  you do not submit complete documents for seeking customs clearance of your shipment. Learn more.... about documents required for import customs clearance

Customs duty in India is charged on    the customs assessable value which     is 1.01% CIF value. Understand     more... about import values relevant      for custom clearance   

To monitor your logistic chain you should be able to anticipate the expected date of arrival of your shipment. We give you an idea of general transit time for sea shipments into India.......more

Logistic costs increase drastically if the shipment has to lie for long period in the port area.  A logistic service seeker must be aware of the charges applicable at inland container depots and ports….. more

Most shipping lines give a free period of 5 days for destuffing of cargo from containers.  If you are moving a large number of containers you could negotiate a longer detention free period. Information on shipping line detention charges ….. more.

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